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Thursday, March 31, 2011

it has to be a dream

i need..
someone to talk to...
someone to understand me..
someone  i can trust...

i love..
my lovely friends,
my mom and my late father,
and of course, him..

but why i suddenly felt,
i've no one to talk to
no one try to understand me
the one i believe in, cannot be trusted anymore

is it my imagination that,
my friends walk away
my mom had remarried and dont even care bout me
and he got bored with my childish act

i hope it was just a dream

.... sila like jika suka ;D


miss sadiq! said...

husnul. jgnlah sedeyh2 k.
kteowg kan ader. we'll always there 4 u! :) be strong!

qaqa said...

its okay u dont trust us, but please be trust on your own self.
yeahh friends maybe goes, but new will come.
mom maybe busy but, she will always think of you,
if you think he keep on boring with your childlike, beware and try to have new atmosphere with him.

chiil okay!!!


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